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Alles ist Leben. Die Geschichte Milena Jesenskás.

Teatro di narrazione by and with Matteo Colombi.
Pöge-Haus. Leipzig. 06.12.2019.

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“In den Arsch heute nicht”. Milena Jesenská und Honza Krejcarová.

Teatro di narratione by and with Matteo Colombi.
In cooperation with Martina Lisa and with the assistance of Nadja Grasselli, Robert Klement and Gertraude Zand.
Nachtasyl. Vienna. 27. Oktober 2016.
Theatrical event within the conference Honza Krejcarová und der tschechische Underground. (Re-)Konstruktion eines Mythos,
(organizers: Gertraude Zand, Matteo Colombi). Vienna. 27. and 28.10.2016.


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